Sci-Fi Horror ( Disturbing Envirment Final)
Updated 2 years ago
hello. i Am Utkarsh(Uv)
I Just Try To Make Horror Disturbing Envirnment. I Used Combinations Of Free Assets To Give it Sci-Fi Look. But I think Its Not That Good
i Used Free Assets Because I donT Got Money, But What i Achhive With Free Assets You guys can See.I was Stunned. This Really Got Me question Did i Really make This.

I Am Done But I Got This uncomplete Work. There no Audio in It Just GameEnvirnment.
This Video Is Rendered On Low But 30fps 1080 And With unity Recorder Tool.
There Will Be A Next Time.If Somehow i Got A PowerFull Pc.
Sorry For Bad English.
Utkarsh Raut
UvRaut - Student