Shoot Out!
Published 10 months ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
A multiplayer shooter, where two teams oppose each other in a classic cinematic "Shoot out", Bank jobs, hostage scenarios etc!
"Shoot-Out!" - a multiplayer game where every map is two teams, and each map is a unique shoot-out.

I.e for example

"Map 1 - The Bank Job" - One team is the robbers, the other is the cops. And it's a shoot out, and either team can win.

Team A - the robbers, by killing the cops, or flushing back enough to get to the get-away car and escape, or vice versa, where team b the cops, can win by killing the robbers.

At the end of each shoot out, each team is scored, where each map has context sensitive scoring.

like in the bank job, if the cops shoot bank users by mistake, they lose points. the robbers could shoot them anyway, but since this makes it easier for cops to shoot them without losing points, it will mimic life a bit.

We could have features specific to each map, but changable contextually. like you can grab a hostage and put a gun to their head. and the other team decide what to do.
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Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows