Shoggoth Rising AR
Published 2 years ago
Available on
Android; iOS

Play as Ned, a seaman stranded on a lonely island after his ship and the crew got attacked
by hideous creatures the
deep ones. He found shelter on top of a lighthouse and must now
defend himself against hordes of enemies. Prepare for a relentless, unforgiving and
addicting arcade experience!

There is an ingame
tutorial that explains everything you need to know to play the game.
But here's a quick overview: Defend the tower against the enemies. Use swipegestures
to rotate and move the camera around the tower. Tap on the enemy to shoot. You can equip up to two firearms, two special and a melee weapon. Upgrade the weapons to make them more efficient. Unlock more weapons in the story mode.
Have fun playing Shoggoth Rising!
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Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS