ShivaThe Cosmic Power
A 3D Game :- Features: > There are two big levels with several sub-levels that will keep you hooked on! These include the magnificent Suchindram temple, the calming Swami Vivekananda rock memorial. > Play fun mini-games on your quest like word searches, puzzles and more! > Stress is horrible in our day to day lives, play the meditation mini-game to earn in game money and calm your mind at the same time as well know more about meditation. > Ever wanted a new fighting experience in a game? Well, Shiva the Cosmic Power introduces the sword swipe fighting style. Swipe the screen to cut enemies and see dazzling particle effects. > Explore the architecture of many temples inside and out. > Farm for the in-game currency: Rudraksha. Farm for potions that will help you in your quest. > Practice the art of wielding your sword and bow in the practice arena.