Shigeru Miyamoto
Published 7 days ago
Shigeru Miyamoto is a Japanese game designer and producer working for Nintendo. He has helped make and produce some of the most influential and important games of our time such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros. His games are the ones I started playing as a kid, they are the games I learned gaming on and the ones that really built my love for gaming. His start game from his curiosity and exploration as kid, he graduated Kanazawa Municipal College of Industrial Arts with a degree in Industrial Design with the hopes of becoming a Manga artist, after being influenced by space invaders he decided to switch career paths and begin game design.

Most Influential works
The earliest game I remember playing is Super Mario on my dad’s NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and I’m positive most people have played a Mario game or have at least heard of them. More devoted gamers have played a Legend of Zelda game, speaking from both experience and talking with others there is a lot of love for these games. His influence has spread to basically every popular game Nintendo has released his earliest works like Mario Bros and Donkey Kong shaped the company’s future and laid the groundwork for their success. He’s a creative lead and a producer for Nintendo primarily he works with the game design team to flush out ideas.

Current projects
Currently he is working on the new characters and features to add to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. A few weeks ago, they released details on the newest character to join the roster which will be Steve from Minecraft. He will most likely spend the next few weeks helping to finalize production on the character and the changes they need for him to join the game. With his position and fame he does a lot of press and promotion for Nintendo, gamers and customers will tune in to listen to his analysis and explanation of games and products. He has become a prominent face and I would even say the face of Nintendo.

Impact of his games
The Legend of Zelda and its sequels have a community of devoted gamers and even those who haven’t played them and have heard of them still respect the games. When researching Shigeru Miyamoto’s games I wanted to ask my friends how they were influenced by them and I received varying responses but, one thing remained the same they all remember growing up playing them. Anyone you talk to has heard of his games and knows their reputation. He even has a development philosophy which I believe attributes to his success, first and foremost he makes a game that he finds fun he believes if he can’t find it fun then customers won’t either.

Influence to me
His games shaped my early life and developed my passion for gaming. I believe his philosophy and will implement it in my games in order to strive for the success he achieved. His games and his outlook on designing them are a constant reminder of why I want to be a designer, I want to make games people find fun while being able to have fun myself.
Ryan Pennington
Future Game Developer - Student