Sheriff Lonestar - Awesomenauts Character Download Crack With Full Game
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Sheriff Lonestar - Awesomenauts Character Download Crack With Full Game --

About This ContentPurchasing Sheriff Lonestar will permanently unlock this character in Awesomenauts. The character can also be purchased with Awesomepoints in-game, and is included in the Awesomenauts Starter Pack.Sheriff Lonestar is an accessible fighter that uses a Holo Bull to push enemies away and throws dynamite to deal heavy area damage. He comes equipped with the following abilities:Throw sticks of dynamite at enemies.Summon a holo-bull to knock enemies out of the way.Shred enemies in a mid to long ranged hail of blaster fire.At the heart of the Milky Way lies the Bovinion system, ruled by a semi-intelligent cow-like species. Although technologically advanced to an acceptable level, these Bovinions have maintained a tribal form of society for several thousands of years. Until recent years, an age-old custom in this society was to scare young Bovinian calves with boogeyman stories about a scary cowboy. Naughty Bovinion calves would, as the story went, be caught by this cowboy's unrelenting lasso.Recently, a wealthy Bovinian visionary opened up a park where visitors would come to see a genetically re-engineered cowboy in action. But disaster struck and the cowboy escaped his cage. Before the Bovinions could react the cowboy had wrangled the entire park staff. Terror shook the Bovinion civilization as the cowboy started to wrangle every single Bovinion on the planet! Suddenly the Bovinions found themselves out of their cities and wrangled into herds on green meadows by the whiskey drinking, bucket spitting, yeeehaawing horror.Once the entire Bovinian civilization had been wrangled, the cowboy, naming himself Sheriff Lonestar, rode a rocketship into the sunset, his job complete. Now Sheriff Lonestar fights as a mercenary in the robot wars, combining his awesome cowboy-powers with high tech weaponry to earn some solar to spend on whiskey and cigars. b4d347fde0 Title: Sheriff Lonestar - Awesomenauts CharacterGenre: Action, Free to Play, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:Ronimo GamesRelease Date: 26 Apr, 2017 Sheriff Lonestar - Awesomenauts Character Download Crack With Full Game
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