Sheer Danger
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A Sheep's Journey
The name of my game is Sheer Danger. This interactive game combines many artistic traditions into a highly systematic experience. The inspiration for Sheer Danger is drawn from my interest in immersive art. This is best demonstrated when I started to sculpt the 3d models for the game. By using a combination of Photoshop and 3DsMax one can see how the models contour and unique occlusion mapping sets the scene for the experience. My decision to use the Unity engine stems from the many options it affords to both skilled and unskilled artists, designers, and programmers. When developing a game by myself I wore many hats and learned to hone my sense of dynamic intuition and algorithmic design thinking. In summary, many things went into the art creation phase of this project.

When all the models are rendered and the texture drawn, the bulk of the work goes into designing and most importantly programming. There is a great deal of intersection between math and art, and this overlap was utilized to improve the experience. This project uses procedural generation to create a unique experience for the user. In other words, nuanced sense of unpredictable spawning of randomly generated environments was key. This experience uses precise and calculated algorithms to make the three stages of Sheer Danger illicit fear, excitement, and most of all wonder.

The plot of the game follows a solitary sheep in her attempt to travel the world collecting coins. Through her journey, she goes to three different levels each taking part in a different part of the world with a different cultural feel. This is achieved through attention to detail. For instance, the Parallax occlusion mapping on just one of the Egyptian statue models to hours to perfect. This action makes the model appear to be made from realistic sandstone. Another example of my attention to detail comes from the keyframed animation of the wolves. To get the right feel of the snarling animation, I studied real wolves to mimic their nature. In summary, there is a lot of detail work to supplement my design.

In essence, this game’s value as art is demonstrated in its design and its ambiance. It uses cutting edge graphics technology and some of the fundamental rules of mathematics to deliver an experience unlike most art.
Marek Ferguson
Digital Learning Specialist Crosstown High - Student
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