Shard Saga: Enemy Goblin Pack
Your journey has become more perilous...

You may have created your band of brave heroes, but they have yet to face a real challenge. A worthy adversary has appeared, in the form of the Shard Saga: Enemy Goblin Pack.

The Shard Saga: Enemy Goblin Pack contains the same unique art style as our Heroes and Dungeons pack. The color palette, poly fidelity, ease of use, and creativity are all here. Keeping in line with the customization our other Shard Saga packs offer, we have gone ahead and included multiple head/helm combinations, skin colors, and weapons.

This pack contains a crazy amount of customization potential, similar to our Heroes Pack. You will be able to mix and match a variety of bodies, heads and weapons to create tons of goblin types.

15 Body Meshes
- 5 Armor Types
- 3 Color Variations

18 Head Meshes
- 5 Helmet Types
- 1 Head Mesh
- 3 Color Variations

8 Weapon Meshes
- Two Handed Axe
- Two Handed Spear
- Sacrificial Dagger
- Voo Doo Offhand
- One Handed Sword
- One Handed Axe
- Staff
- Shield
- 3 Color Variations

Included in this pack are the highly requested Two Handed animations, and a new caster weapon + off hand combo. You can use animations from any of the Shard Saga packs to animate your goblins, including allow them to use weapon types from other packages. The included animations work on our Shard Saga rig, so they can be played on any previously purchased characters, and are guaranteed to work on all future installments too.

3 New Animation Sets
- 8 Animations Each
- Two Handed Weapons
- Compatible With All Shard Saga Packs

3 Shaders
- Vertex Color
- Vertex Color Lit
- Vertex Color Alpha

Because we know how important lighting the angry hordes can be, we've also supplied 2 new shaders to get you jump started on your project. Although we supply some simple Vertex Color Shader solutions, our models will work with any shader that supports Vertex Color.

3 Shaders
- Vertex Color
- Vertex Color Lit
- Vertex Color Alpha

And remember, No Textures! That's right, everything in this pack is vertex color and uses only one material making sure performance is never an issue.

Do you have suggestions for future packs in the Shard Saga universe? Email us at our Contact Page or feel free to tweet us @MutinyBros #ShardSaga

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Anthony Velez
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No, you are awesome!
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These are awesome!
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