Shard Saga: Dangerous Dungeon Pack
As your saga continues you must face the unknown...

Now that you have the perfect set of heroes for your game, you'll be needing a dark and evil place for them to explore. Well, lucky for you the Shard Saga: Dangerous Dungeon Pack has everything you need to craft endless levels of perilious doom.

The Shard Saga dangerous dungeon pack matches the same cute art style as our Heroes pack. The color palette, poly fidelity and ease of use are all here. Best of all, we've made sure our dungeon can lend itself to a multitude of styles easily, so its easy to craft multiple levels or locales using just this tileset.

183 Models

129 Props, including

54 Architectural Pieces, including

We've also created a few sample scenes, shown in the screenshots below, to get you started on a few unique dungeon styles. We've included all the effects used as well.

5 Effect Types, with color variations
-Ambient Dust
-Candle Fire
-Torch Fire
-Wall Fire
-Item Sparkle

We've gone ahead and included not only architecture and props to build your dungeon out, but we've also included a small sample of dungeon specific animations as well. These animations work on our Shard Saga rig, so they can be played on any previously purchased heroes, and are guaranteed to work on all future installments too.

5 New Dungeon Animations
-Open Chest
-Use Lever
-Drink Potion
-Pickup Item

And what would a shadowy dungeon be without an indigenous creature to protect its many secrets? The Shard Saga: Dangerous Dungeon Pack also comes with a Skeleton enemy, who looks absolutely adorable next to our heroes, and fits on the same rig.

Because we know how important lighting your dungeon can be, we've also supplied 2 new shaders to get you jump started on your project. Although we supply some simple Vertex Color Shader solutions, our models will work with any shader that supports Vertex Color.

3 Shaders
- Vertex Color
- Vertex Color Lit
- Vertex Color Alpha

And remember, No Textures! That's right, everything in this pack is vertex color and uses only one material making sure performance is never an issue.

Do you have suggestions for future packs in the Shard Saga universe? Email us at our Contact Page or feel free to tweet us @MutinyBros #ShardSaga

Mutiny Bros. Appreciates Your Dedication.
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