Shapes 3D Geometry Learning - Augmenting geometry learning experience
Augmenting geometry learning experience - Shapes 3D Geometry Learning is the first and only complete geometry app. With more than 20k downloads teachers are already immersing the students in virtual 3D objects around the world.

Why Unity?

Unity was designed to work across all the major mobile platforms. There was plenty of choice for 2D apps, but Unity was the only reliable 3D native engine for mobile devices back then. It perfectly matched the needs of Shapes and other devices used in the classroom.

Key features

1. Augmented Reality Experience

Use a simple gesture control to zoom and rotate shapes in Augmented Reality.

2 . Explorable Objects

Explore a transparent surfaces mode, highlight the vertices and edges or color selected elements.

3 .Interactive Solids

27 interactive solids, including a variety of prisms, pyramids, Platonic solids and revolving solids.

4 .Printable Nets

Print nets and allow children to explore solids outside the app to improve their manual skills as well.
If you want to check the project in details. Check out the full Shapes 3D Geometry case-study on our website.