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About This GameVisiting Rome from Chicago, where he works as a doctor, ex-priest James Murphy answers a mysterious call for help from his friend Cristoforo. The disappearance of a briefcase containing compromising documents is enough to convince James that his friend is a victim of something shady and sinister. The Vatican's involvement and some strange parallels with his own traumatic past inspire James to get to the bottom of this mystery. Along this dangerous and disturbing path, James finds the most unlikely travelling companion who will question his deepest beliefs. And so the two characters begin both a physical journey in search of the truth, and a metaphysical exploration of the inner soul and the darkest secrets that everyone hides, even a "champion of the faith" like James. Rome is the stage for this adventure – a city bathed in eternal twilight, its skies tinted the color of blood spilled in more than thirty years of intrigue: blood of innocents and guilty, unknown and famous victims alike.KEY FEATURESShadows on the Vatican is a thrilling new point-and-click adventure in 4 acts, inspired by real events in recent Italian history and freely adapted from the bestseller of David Yallop "In God's Name". Art direction by Lorenzo Ruggiero (Marvel/DC Comics)Over 10 locations per episode with high resolution graphics and Full HD supportRealistic characters with hours of motion-capture animationsWell integrated puzzles and several hours of gameplayAnimated coloured comics by award winner Daniela di Matteo b4d347fde0 Title: Shadows on the Vatican Act I: GreedGenre: Adventure, IndieDeveloper:10th Art Studio, Daring TouchPublisher:Adventure Productions, Daring TouchFranchise:Shadows on the VaticanRelease Date: 10 Jun, 2014 Shadows On The Vatican Act I: Greed Download Setup Compressed While I have seen the investigative mechanics and puzzels done better, the story still holds up and would make this a worth while buy for people interested in point and click storys.That said: The last update on act 3 (out of 4) came 2015 and ever since it's silence or an ominous ";)" from a Dev in the forums, so while I am not saying that this game is dead, I will recommend to hold off on the buy until all 4 chapters are available just so you don't waste your money. What's there is fun with 2 likeable main characters, but it's only half the story - not selfcontained.*EDIT* It seems like I missed a developer announcement via facebook regarding chapter 3. Work seems to continue, link below by Paggio, one of the Devs.Do not buy until the rest is released. The recommendation would be a firm "Yes" if all chapters were out.. Interesting while it lasts...This is a very short prologue of an adventure. The three and a half hours it took me to complete it served to build up a tense atmosphere that began to draw me into the plot. Sadly however, it ended abruptly and very frustratingly, with nothing resolved.I am not sure about these episodic adventures. On the one hand, it is understandable that developers need to release titles in parts as they need the finance to finish off the game, but on the other hand it can be very frustrating for the player that enjoys the full works. I guess this has to do with the generally low price of retail nowadays, compared to, say 15 - 20 years ago when full, long games cost at least 10 times as much. So it's not surprising short episodic chunks are being brought to us.The graphics are good and easily serve the purpose, creating a solid atmosphere. The dialogue and voice work is very well done. The main character is particularly well-voiced. The puzzles are mostly very easy as everything points the player in the right direction. The only time I had any length of difficulty (and it wasn't very long) was in a pixel puzzle where something needed to be picked up to move the story along.I notice that the second episode came out two years after this one. There are supposed to be 4 episodes in all, so it looks like this game won't be concluded for another 4 years, if the developers keep at it. Thus, I'm going to sit it out and wait for the rest to be released before I play anymore.. Based loosely on the novel "In Nome di Dio" (In God's Name) by Dave Yallop published originally in 1997. This is a four game series two of which have been released. (Shadows of the Vatican Act 1: Greed and Shadows of the Vatican Act 2: Wrath)Storyline: James Murphy left the priesthood in 1996 after the Vatican's investigation into his mentor's death was less then effective and the Vatican proved to be even less interested. In present day he is a medical doctor in Chicago, IL (USA). He has returned to Italy at the request of his friend Father Cristoforo who has urgent and vital information for him. Before Cristoforo can impart this information to James, Cristoforo is nearly killed when he fell (or was pushed) down a flight of stairs. In Act 1, James is trying to find out what Cristoforo wanted to tell him by following the clues Cristoforo left for him. Gameplay: Classic type point and game with a strong linear storyline. The space bar brings up small magnifying glasses for search areas or areas of interest. Since it is based on a book the storyline follows the plot of the book, and dialogue is essential to follow the story. Despite the 3D graphics most of the game has, the cutscenes are drawn comic book panels. This in no way detracts from the gameplay and a simple picture or two progresses the gameplay quickly and concisely. There is only one actual puzzle, a maze more concisely, in this game. It is a car chase! Mystery, intrique, greed, deception and quite possibly murder, what more could anyone want from a thriller?. Tried twice but really struggled - the voice acting was really bad. I've played games with bad VA before but the VA here was bad enough to put me off the game - at the very least the protagonist's VA should have been a bit better to balance out the rest of the cast. The point and click puzzles aren't too bad, insofar as it's just a matter of figuring out what to click next.Despite getting it on a sale, still can't recommend it. Took me about 30 mins just to finish the tutorial, not a huge fan of that. The tutorial wasn't the problem the game was really slow, the character, the dialouge and the box that comes up took too long to come up. I really tried, sorry.. I deleted my first review and thought, ok I will give the second part a chance. Still have the same feeling the developer does not know how to make an adventure game. The choice of game engine is terrible, on a good rig it still loads like many seconds, eg try to save the game and go make a coffee. Characte modeling is terrible and feels clunky. Gameplay is simple left/right mouse click, that's ok. But implementing two character model into this game is nonsence, because there is no need for that and could have been done automatically. Oh and yes, there's dissapearing inventory screen bug, that dev says has been resolved - it's not.So we come to the story. Every adventure game must have a good story, other shortcomings don't mean much when you have a good story. This game does not have a great story, it feels rushed and just does not have any vibe. Some religious nonsense - Vatican is funneling money. Yeah right really interesting.Characters are poorly written and I don't even remember protagonist names atm I am writing this.Ok the scenery should be in Rome. There's no feeling, not a slight touch even that the player is in Rome - artists don't have no impression of Rome or have just been rushed by the production again. It's almost like put Super Mario there and BANG where're in Italy : )This game is not worth the money and I don't recommend it.. Writing this review just to point out that the Key Features section of the store page for this game is almost entirely false. "...a thrilling new point-and-click adventure in 4 acts" False. There is no indication that parts three and four will ever be complete. "Art direction by Lorenzo Ruggiero" True, but a third tier inker with a bog standard resume seems like stretching the truth a bit too far in order to use the Marvel/DC credit."...with high resolution graphics and Full HD support" False. Low quality models, backgrounds, etc., The HD version will not run on many systems and the developer's (paraphrased) solution is "Oh well, just run standard. The only difference is full HD backgrounds" meaning that "Full HD support" is an outright lie."Realistic characters with hours of motion-capture animations" False. Awkward student-level character model design and laughable "motion capture.""Well integrated puzzles..." False."Animated coloured comics..." False. Zooming in and out and panning on a still image is hardly animation.All told, you'll have a better time reading the wonderfully florid text of the store page. The quality of writing here is far better than the in-game text and dialogues. It was so well written, it convinced me to buy this below average, overly-ambitious game with all the red flags of a terrible adventure experience.. Summary: A lackluster point and click adventure with standard puzzles. Recommended for fans of the genre only. Pros:Good backround music.Backdrops and cut scenes are well done. Interesting plot.Cons: I found the voice acting poor. Character animation is poor. Would I buy episode 2? Yes but I would hope for an improvement.. First thing: you need to be italian or, at least, know italian language to appreciate this game!The game in itself is not so bad: it's a classic point&click adventure and the gameplay is simple like the riddles. The best part is the comic style of the cutscenes: the dialogues and acting voices are not quite good, but the plot is interesting and sufficiently developed, also because is based on the book "In God's Name" of David Yallop.But, be aware, this is only the first episode and doesn't last very long!So, it is good enough to play but buy it at low price
Shelly Walker