Shadow Racer
“Shadow Racer” is an arcade racing game. A unique and exciting experience allowing you to drive super sport cars in different locations, daytime and modes. You can either play it in Single Player or Multiplayer Mode based on your interests.
Single Mode: You can play either in an Endless game with your desired options (locations, daytime, etc.) or play in Wanted/Cop mode. As a Cop you have to chase and pursuit criminal cars. You can use different items such as a cop copter to help you with these missions. Or even you can hire a shooter on your car to shoot down the criminals. What a big joy! In Wanted mode you have to run away from the cops. You can use several items and characters to help you in your missions and it's up to you how to finish the mission.
NOA Games
Rasoul Shahhoseini
Game Programmer - Programmer
UI Programmer
Abtin khaleghi
Art Director - Artist
Art Director
Sina Aleali
Technical Manager
Hamid Naeimi
CEO - Manager
CEO-Product manager