Shadero Sprite - 2D Shader Editor
First of all, Shadero Sprite is a specialized 2D node shader editor. It's not a generic node shader editor, we only do 2D Shader and we just want to make this 2D editor the best companion for any 2D artist and programmer wanting to make his own 2D shader.
In the last day the communication aspect is not very clear with the release of Unity 2018 and Shader Graph. Shader Graph being free and Shadero is not, some believe, rightly, that it's useless to pay if you have a free version available. You can do 2D shader with Shader Graph, we can't desagree with that and we are not looking to compete with Shader Graph, Amplify Shader or Shader Forge. These are 3 excellent assets available on the asset store.
What we propose with Shadero is above all another approach, an approach of simplicity and productivity.
A new companion if you want to realize 2D shader faster in the best way possible, and have new ideas with the multiple effects available.
We want to constantly improve Shadero and bring a maximum of premade effect and cool visual effect without having to ask: how do I connect this node with this node?
Simplification and productivity is our priority. For example, everything is done in an automatic way, which some people see as an inconvenient to automatically name the values, other people see it as advantage of productivity.
Our role is to prove that Shadero Sprite is really an indispensable tool for your game. For nice UI or your 2D Game.
Moreover after 10 month of release, I'm quite surprised by the implications of developers to improve, give ideas, report issue, It's great and awesome ! It's a good motivation for us !
We will put a lot of new demo video on our new youtube channel, showcase, tutorial, starting ideas, what you can do with Shadero. Thats all for now. With love, Adriano
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