Shade of Death
This game was created for my first semester, second year in University. We had absolute freedom on the platform and genre of the game. I decided to go with 3rd person adventure fantasy game. To be honest i really didn’t consider the scope of this project. I decided to do a simple battle level, in which the player has the choice to win with bloody fighting style or decide to stealth trough it. There a few guards that watch out for you and if they see you then you are attacked by 5 guards equipped with swords. I hard coded my way around the AI but i really improved my understandings of NPC behavior and now i feel sure that i can do a way better if i have to do something similiar. The things i worked on in this game are player controller, camera behavior, enemy behavior, combat system, firing an projectile, Unity mechanim animation system, sounds and others. I think this is the biggest project i have worked on.
Georgi Kabadzhov
Programmer - Programmer