Setting your expert rates
Updated 10 months ago
Learn how to set your minimum rate and direct booking rate
With Unity Live Help you have the flexibility to set your own price so you can earn an amount that matches up with your expertise and availability. You have the ability to pick a price per minute between $1 to $5. You can also choose to take only the requests you want, so you can ensure you're spending your time most efficiently on problems you can help solve.
There are two types of requests you can receive. Instant Requests are on-demand and available for any expert from the community to take and Scheduled Requests are booked by customers which you’ve already helped.

Setting your rates

Setting your rates is a part of the overall application process to become an expert. You can modify these later when you sign into your expert portal.

Setting your minimum rate

Your minimum rate is your price for on-demand sessions. We send you all requests that are above or at this rate. We recommend setting your minimum rate to $1 so you don't miss out on any opportunities. This means you’ll see all open requests that match your role and skills at and above $1.
If you have a lot of availability and are willing to answer many Unity questions, setting your price lower at $1 will let you see all relevant opportunities that match your profile. If you have very low availability and want to work on specific, complex problems, you should set your rate higher. Requests which come into the platform which require immediate help will be broadcast to all experts in the community that match the skill tags and rate on the request.

Set your direct booking rate

Customers who want to book you for a scheduled session will be charged at this rate. This type of session is only available to customers you’ve already helped who want to book you again. These could be booked immediately or scheduled at a later time based on both you and your customer's schedule.

Best practices for setting rates

When first using the platform for the first 2-3 weeks we recommend setting your minimum rate and direct booking rate at $1 is recommended. This will ensure you see all matching open requests that come onto the platform. After using the platform for several week you will have a better idea what price range works better for you based on your level experience. At this point with several sessions under your belt you'll be able to best choose the price that best matches with your abilities and the type of requests you’re interested in taking.

Expert payout

After you begin as an expert on the platform, you will be paid out after 60 days your first paid session. Payments associated with each paid session will be made within sixty (60) days of the end of the corresponding calendar month. Your payout will amount to 70% of the total cost of your session with 30% going to Unity.

5 minute risk-free grace period

All sessions begin with a risk-free 5 grace period where you will be advising the customer about their problem. You will not be paid for this time if the session is under 5 minutes. If you and your customer agree to continue the session after 5 minutes, you will be paid out for the the entire duration of the session.
Nathaniel Ventura
Product Marketing Manager - Marketer