Seraph - Freelance Developer
0 Seraph is a skill based, acrobatic shooter... without aiming! Featuring an angel, known as Seraph, who's fighting to restore her lost power and ultimately escape a prison infested with demons. However, dark magic has trapped the angel inside her human Vessel: if the Vessel dies, so will Seraph. For PC and PS4
I worked remotely with a second programmer, artists and a creative lead I have previously worked with on a smaller project, and provided my services as a generalist programmer, splitting and delegating tasks between myself and the other programmer.
As a team we did intensive prototyping for the game, developing the base gameplay and systems in a weekend game jam. We also tried to integrate new development techniques such as test driven development.
Notable work includes the creation of a custom 2D deferred rendering pipeline and shaders, a texture atlas tool to allow the creation of sprite sheets with extra data such as normal and specular maps, and custom 2D platforming physics.
Chris Butler
Freelance Coder / Indie Dev - Programmer
Andrew Thorpe
Creative Lead and Designer