Super simple to use and super powerful. Just Drag & drop, AnimationClip or AudioClip or Video Clip in TimeArea. Drag & drop GameObject targets in appropriate channel. Hit Play! That’s it! Ofcourse, your GameObject target, that will be animated, or will be sound source, or video play on, can be Cube or Character or 2DSprite or UI. Hit Record, select Animation Node and start changing properties. Hit Play! Totally Unity way of thinking, Native Curve Editor, Native TimeArea, Native Events, Native AnimatorController, Native Playables, Native AnimationRecording. No third party tweeners, graphic libraries, callbacks... -Animate and record any property of any component on any GameObject. -Timeline Scrubbing and Previewing, Play or Edit Mode, all the same. -Retarget Sequence channel. -Invoke Unity Events in point in time. -Jump to labeled point in time with ease. -Clone, Modify and/or just Reuse Sequence.asset blueprint in any scene in project with different targets. -Source code included. Learn how Unity function under the hood. -Use powerful API to have even more control over dynamic sequences.
winx alex
MR. Computer Science - Other