SEO Checklist for Non-Professional Startup Founders
Published 7 months ago
So, your website is up and ready.
A gorgeous design, great content. It would help if you started with the SEO.
The only big problem. You don’t have a clue regarding SEO because you are a mechanical graduate and don’t know anything about SEO.
Will worrying solve any problem?
Not at all.
However, reading this blog and following the SEO checklist mentioned in this blog will help you to gear-up your SEO and put you on the map of Google.
I’ve done a course on marketing and branding, but this still doesn’t qualify me as a person to get my website ranked. However, while chatting wit ha friend last night, he suggested me an SEO checklist which can help anyone reach their site ranked indexed in Google.
1) Begin with the Robots.txt File
Just like a floor plan which allows us to imagine how the home will be designed, a robots.txt file is a directive for the search engine to seek help regarding the placements of links and all the elements of the website.
Ensure that the robots.txt file is blocking files and directories which you don’t want to get indexed.
A word of caution here is that it is best to ask your developer to take care of the robots.txt file before the website is launched.
Ignoring robots.txt can cause serious problems when your website goes live.
2) The Redirections
If you are willing to migrate a website, you need to read this point carefully. Redirects communicate to the search engine that the webpage has moved to a new place.
Although there are various types of redirects, for SEO, 301 redirects are highly recommended.
It is essential to tell the search engine that the destination of the webpage has been moved.
The main idea of a redirect is to minimize the frustration that the user feels when they come across a page which is nonfunctional. Even if it is a dead end, you need to ensure that the page is worth sticking and engaging.
3) Duplicate Content
Google identifies duplicate content which is already present on the other website.
What will happen if there is duplicate content on your website? Google will merely not index it.
Filtering the duplicate content is not the same as the penalty by Google.
When a website is migrated to a new server, it is possible that due to unsecured redirects the content is read by the search engine as duplicate content. You need to ensure that the content is fresh and don’t confuse the search engine with bad redirects.
The best option is to keep checking the content for duplicate content with a tool like Copyscape. This will ensure that your content doesn’t get duplicated from any other material on the internet.
4) Mobile-Friendliness
If your website is not mobile friendly, mark the words, you will never be able to reach the first page of Google.
Google will ignore your website altogether and won’t rank the site even with everything right on the site.
Regardless of the design of your website, if the site is not mobile-friendly, this can throw you out of the league in Google search results.
5) The page speed
Google cares less, but the visitor cares a lot about page speed.
With so many options out there if your website is not opening in lightening speed, it will drive the user away and if the bounce rate of your site increase, it will directly affect the SEO of your site.
User experience can cause much pain to your users, so it is advised to take care of the website speed before Google raise a red flag on your website.
Google recommends that if you're above the fold content is not loading more than one second, and it means that your whole page will load slower. Try to keep the page loading done in within 4 seconds.
Compressing images can increase the speed of the page in high volume.
Before uploading the images, ensure that the images are optimized.
6) What are your competitors doing?
A professional digital marketing agency might keep an eye on its competitors.
Are their pages loading fast?
How are the images responding on their website?
Can you optimize your code to load your pages fast?
Is there any white space or extra plugin which is making your website slow?
It is always wise to know what your competitors are doing and what are their weaknesses. Identify their weakness and turn it into your strength. You can take one power and work on it. Work until you beat your competitors by ranking high in Google.
Closing it
Even if you are non-technical startup owner, you now have a slight idea on what are the essential elements of SEO which can initiate the ranking process of your website. These are just a critical starting point to leverage your SEO strategy. You need to keep updating your site with the latest content and optimize it for high conversion. Getting traffic is easy, but to keep the users engaged is the goal of the game.
Developing a website is easy, but to keep it running is hard. You must keep the site updated and follow all the algorithms that are being updated by Google. The main reason why Google upgrade their algorithms is that they are looking forward to providing users with a better user experience.
Mohammad Ali