Dawnseeker Environment
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This project is an environment set on the Dawnseeker, which is a massive alien space station containing numerous biomes, alien cities, ruins and caves. Aboard the Dawnseeker, danger is everywhere, and death is just around the corner, as the Ferals, hostile human forces and sentient alien creatures are all out to get you.

Hi! My name is Adam Chen, the art director of the game "Seeking Dawn" from Multiverse.
"Seeking Dawn" is a Sci-Fi VR action survival game with elements of adventure and exploration, set on a mysterious alien structure called the Dawnseeker.

— Timeline —

Timeline is used to create the animations and special effects, while Cinemachine is used for camera animation.
To be honest, it is my first time using Timeline, but it is very easy to learn and a joy to work with.

— Assets Used —

-‘Post Processing Stack V2’ is used to achieve the desired look and feel.
-Textures from ‘The Blacksmith: Environments’ is used to texture 3D models.
-‘Free SpeedTrees Package’ is used for trees.

-Resources from ‘Realistic Effects Pack 4’ is used for special effects.
-Resources from ‘Underworld: Cave Environment’ are used for the mushrooms.

-‘Creature Ripper Dog’ is used for the Feral creature model, and I used suitable textures to make the creature suit the environment.
-‘The Probe’ is used for Droppod.

— Screenshots —

Thank you for your support :)
Adam Chen
Multiverse - Art director - Artist
2 years ago
where would you imagine such artists to collect
Deleted User
2 years ago
Level Designer
sorry man. How long did it take you to make this? You really got it together neatly
Level Designer
August SönnergrenHey watch out regaridng using the Adam assets - they may not be allowed.
I meant they may disqualify you from the neon challenge. The rules said dont use them
John Costello
2 years ago
3D Generalist
What materials a models were used in the creation of the terrain though? Looks impressive.