Seedcare GO
Published a year ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Catch the seeds to win a Prize!!
This app was developed for Syngenta for an specific Event(World Seed Congress ISF), and now is one of the lead apps at Syngenta events.
This game is like a treasure hunt, where you need to catch seeds and answer some questions about Syngenta to participate in a draw to win a prize.
The app is capable of detecting IBeacons, so, the treasure hunt consist in found the Beacons.
Each Beacon is represented by a unique seed. So, if you found one, the beacon will trigger a seed that you need to catch.
Once you have catched the seed, you need to answer a question about Syngenta and Syngenta Products to increase your chances to win a Price.
The app is already in Android and IOS stores.
Augusto Canepa
Game Dev - Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; Spanish
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android