Second Hand: Frankie's Revenge
Updated 9 months ago
In development
Xbox One; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch; Windows
Frankie's Revenge is a 1-4 player co-op action game with badass robots built from household appliances. Players use chainsaws, disco balls, tennis ball launchers and even a time-bending clock to save their world of machines and kick alien robot ass.
Team up with friends or allies and fight your way through hordes of alien-controlled robots that have taken over Frankie's world of machines. Assemble your bots from the most unlikely household parts and create a party that complements each other's skills to become the ultimate gear crunching machine.
In Frankie's Revenge you are free to experiment with different combos and build your own bot by choosing a body, a head, two weapons and an engine from a variety of options. Use chainsaws, disco balls, tennis ball launchers and even a time-bending clock to get the look and playstyle that works for you. Then make it yours by unlocking skins, avatars and emotes.
In the honored tradition of twin stick shooters, Frankie's Revenge offers challenging, satisfying combat but with a unique emphasis on melee combat and experimentation.
Don't be fooled by Frankie's cute looks! You'll need to be a total badass, master the skills and their combos to survive the onslaught of Senior Cleaners, Foremen and Boilees. Are you up for some junk robot mayhem?
Key Features:
  • Freeform bot creation
  • Challenging, relentless combat
  • Defeat big, evil robot bosses in your quest for revenge
  • Up to 4 players local or network coop

Get Ready to Get Revenge!

Tanko Gabriel
Lead Artist at Rikodu - Artist
Alexandru Palade
Co-founder, Managing Director - Producer
Sergiu Lupșe
Indie Game Developer / Filmmaker - Designer
Radu Septimiu Cristea
Technical Director
Game Languages
English; German; Spanish; Portuguese, Brazil; French; Italian; Russian; Polish
Supported Platforms
Xbox One; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch; Windows