Search PRO
Imagine that you have a window that is of extreme importance for the edition of your project, but sometimes it occupies on the screen a space that has no use, this is the Inspector Window, now imagine that you can make it 100% productive, for this came Search PRO that takes advantage of the empty space in the Inspector Window when no object is selected.
Search PRO searches for assets, objects, scenes, components, preferences and more, directly in the inspector window, performing searches very fast and customizable.
No matter how many items you have in your project, Search PRO will find them and display the result quickly!
The list of objects that appear on the screen is infinite and displays only the information you need, you can move the scroll list by dragging the items up or down (as if using a touch screen) or drag the object sideways (for example drag a material in the search for a 3d model in the scene window).
The navigation using the keyboard is very good, you can easily go from the beginning to the end of the search simply by pressing the End / Home page key, down or up item using the Arrow keys, down a screen or roll up using Page Down or Page Up keys.
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