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Windows; Mac
Download the demo here:
Paddle out, watch for set waves, don't get caught inside. No crazy skater tricks. Timing, positioning, and wave selection are more important than which button you press. A surfing game like it should be.
The scene in development is a right point break that breaks near some rocks. The waves come in sets. You catch them and ride them until the wave ends or until you fall. Paddle back out through the waves and catch more. The rest is up to you.
Since this is a game making site here's a little about the game. It's completely physics based, so what happens is up to the conditions in the game. It's in development, so it's not so pretty or smooth as it will hopefully be some day. It was built and works on mobile, but this is a made for computer design. There are lots of bugs in it, which are slowly being dealt with. There is only one surf spot, and only a couple different wave variations. Once the first scene is good enough, more spots and wave variations will be easy to add.
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Windows; Mac