Search and Rescue - Virtual Training (2013)
Updated 5 months ago
Scenario based virtual training for aerial first responders.
In the run up to the release of Unity MS&T Edition, we were approached by Unity Technologies and asked to provide demo content that could be bundled with the application when it shipped.
The demo had to showcase the best features of Unity (3.5), and the features specific to Unity MS&T Edition such as GIS terrain importing and DirectX12. It also had to look great and demonstrate best practice throughout.
Client: Unity Technologies
Copyright owner: Inside Infinity
Team: Daniel Learmonth (Lead Artist), Louis Macan (Lead Developer), Daniel Stringer (3D Artist), Musaab Garghouti (3D Artist) Daniel Jutson (3D Artist)
Daniel Learmonth
Freelance 3D/VR/AR/Vis - Artist