SeaBattle VR
Published a year ago
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Retro Arcade Machine VR simulator
If you remember old school arcade gaming machines you could remember arcades that allows you to stay in a role of the captain of a submarine.
That app could bring you exiting VR experience, where you could look at the wardroom of the cold-war submarine and play on familiar gaming machine. The game is authentifically designed, according to archive photos, schemes and advices of the professional miniature modelers.
You don't need bag of coins to play your favorite arcade as long as you like. You'll receive virtual game coins inside virtual reality by the look on the wonderful VR cinema.
For the game you'll need smartphone with the gyroscope, Cardboard or similar VR headset and stable Internet connection.
The game will show you the instructions from the first start.
You can control the game by the look, by the touch of the screen and by the additional controllers.
You can launch the torpedos by the buttons of OTG, Bluetooth controllers and with Cardboard foil or magnetic button.
If your cardboard don't have the button, you can modify your Cardboard by the foil. Please, search "Cardboard foil button" to learn more.

Good luck, fair water and smooth sailing!
Artem Anisimov
Protovate - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British; Russian
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