Scuttlebots - Battle Tournament
Published 3 years ago
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Scuttlebots - Battle Tournament is an online, 3rd person, PVP, Battle Royále game in a highly traversable environment, in which the player controls a scuttlebot which is able to move over many surfaces of the map. The goal of the game is to destroy every other player and have the most points at the end of the match.


Fast paced highly traversable map
We want to create a fast paced game where you can walk on many surfaces on the map. Keep walking so other players can not destroy you.
Tournament like feeling
The map takes place in a huge arena where many audience acclaim to you and your actions.
Sport focus in the in-game universe
The pilots you can choose from are the stars in the in-game universe. Pick one you enjoy the most.

About the Team

We are Casual Chamfers, a Team of 3rd Semester S4G School for Games students developing our next game: "Scuttlebots - Battle Tournament", since October 2017. Our group is made up of five artists, five game designers, and two engineers. Our goal is to improve our skills in making video games.
Kevin Nohr-Hipel
Product & Localization - Manager
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