Scroll Magic
Find a scroll that can harness elemental powers and explore a lost uninhabited civilization.
Scroll Magic is a project that is designed to demonstrate a new type of crafting mechanic. In the game Scribblenauts the drawing mechanic was used with a physic based environment. My goal with Scroll Magic is to create depth to the drawing mechanic by creating a meaningful and complex elemental magic crafting system which will be used to solve puzzles. I am using games like Portal or Braid as inspiration of games demonstrating new mechanics with story can be fun. Ultimately I would like to see MMO and other large games create better crafting system like scroll crafting using drawing. Scroll magic is about discovering the scroll mechanics as well as learning about the people from the civilization who lived with magic. The player will use information left by the uninhabited nation. Often the information is in the forum of pictures and symbols left on the walls. Players will learn new ways to use elemental powers and will discover and craft elements while exploring the island. I am looking for help on this project. Mainly a 2D artist and a writer. But if any voxel or physic programmers who want to help create magic get in touch. Please message me with comments or if you are interested in working on this project.
Michael Simpson
Designer, C# Programmer