Scripts for the character
Published 5 months ago
- The Scripts
So, let me explain what I made here. There are 5 scripts that control the character. But, you only need to attach the character script to the game object.
The character script is where you gonna call the functions;
The character advanced actions is where you are going to write more complex actions, like a patrol action or a driving action
The character advanced parameters is where you are going to put all the parameters that we use for advanced actions
The character basic actions is where you are going to write simple actions, like a walking action or a jumping action
The character basic parameters is for basic parameters like speed, like, jump force and things like that
The character controller is for custom inspector make
And, the World Parameters is for parameters like gravity
I KNOW (or I think I know) that we don't need all of this. But, that is what I have
I don't think the actions will work for the 3d characters. This codes are just for showing you what I have. I am going to correct somethings and make they work
If you attach the character script to some character and give it a life, then press 'R' during runtime, you are going to see that it's life will fall
Lucas Martin Macedo Gagliano
CEO on Nightmare Entertainment - Programmer