Screamy Chicken
Published 2 years ago
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Screamy Chicken is a fun and interactive non tapping addictive game where your voice controls the chicken.

Use your voice to move your chicken and make it jump.

Screamy Chicken is an endless “runner” game that tasks you with the most basic of platforming tasks to perform – namely to jump across games and to avoid spikes. Chicken Scream grants you little control over your character, limiting your movement to walking to the right and jumping. Where the game differs from others, however, is in the way you actually play it – in this case, not by tapping the screen, but by shouting at your phone. Marvelous!

Scream to jump, whisper or talk to move and walk. Screamy Chicken game is very popular sound control game. It's free to play. Just make sounds. You can blow, whisper, talk, sing, shout, or even scream it go all out to the note eight and play this chicken scream go game. Every time you make noisy sounds, the chicken will jump up & down chicken. Don't disturb your friends :) Don't stop playing your Screamy Chicken game.


->16 cool scream chicken.
->20 Addictive Levels
->Endless Mode
->Every 6 Hour Get a Gift
->Unlock New Chicken

Move your chicken with your voice.
Awesome graphics and sound effects.
Scream Chicken and don't stop making your chicken move.
Talk or make small sounds to make your chicken walk.

Let's begin to scream now and make your Screamy Chicken!
Manish Savaliya
Senior Game Developer - Programmer
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