SCI-FI UI Package - Portrait GUI Pack
Above shown is a blue Sci-Fi portrait UI package, which contains many basic UI elements. Most of the UI elements have different varieties of style and design so you can combine these elements and work with them however you want. With these elements, you can develop Sci-Fi style game or simply can create different AR/VR projects. In addition to that, the elements in this Sci-Fi portrait UI package are suitable for both PC and mobile.

NOTE : Model images are not include in this package.

Implemented Scenes are
Main Menu Screen:
In the Main Menu screen, you can start a New Game, select Multiplayer, have a look at the Leaderboard and Options, or simply Exit the game.
Customize Avatar Screen:
In this screen, you can modify the character for e.g. you can buy jackets, modify the skin, body, eyes, paint, and hair according to your choice.
Different Options screen:
From this screen, you can select different character, weapons, firearms, and accessories. You can also select the inventory option to have a look at the further options available.
Options Screen:
In the Options screen, you can set the audio, video, controls and language according to your game. You can also select Games, Exit to Menu, Exit, or Reset to default option.
Game Over screen:
In the Game Over screen, you can have a look at the Points, Progress, Game Time, High Score of the game.
Inventory Screen:
From the Inventory screen, you can buy anything from weapons, skin, jackets to body, hair etc.
Each component in png format.
Font used:Nasalization, Squares Bold, Sportypo.
Psd Files of every scene implemented.
John Fin