Sci Fi Neon Lab
Published a year ago
"When flora on Earth is gone"
Hi comrades! My name is Stanislav Sobolev, I'm motion designer, 3D Modeler and beginner at Unity development. Due to Neon Challenge, I have started to learn unity. This concept was developed by me, realized my old idea of "When flora on Earth is gone". All assets were created by me, I hope you will like it.

My pipeline:

Hipoly modeling and lowpoly in Maya, unwrapping in UvLayout, then texturing in Substance Painter, export to Maya for render V-ray and in Marmoset Toolbag 3 for test renders. Then from Marmoset I exported package in Unity.
At Unity I set up some lights, add meshes with emission for glow effect. At Post Processing Stack set Color grading and bloom effect.
To create camera movement I used Cinemachine with two object for moving("Follow" and "Look at") then add noise for more realistic movement.
I heard about the Neon Challenge a week before, so I had to do it in a rush.