Sci-Fi Modular Pack
The Sci Fi Modular Pack consists of 170 unique models and 200 prefabs and on many of these there are two to three texture variations (walls, floor and roof tiles etc). It is designed in a way that hundreds of different combinations of similar or different artistic styles for interior levels can be created. Based on a main theme of an imaginary future police force. Decals have been kept to a minimum so that textures can be customized. Top-down, 2.5D and FPS scenes can be created. Clean, used and dark environments can be created and the prefabs provided can only cover some model combinations as it would be unpractical to create all that is possible using this full pack. Working doors with sounds, particles, monitor animations included. All models are created in a modular way, so that level design is very easy and straight forward. Currently at the asset store :!/content/64442
Antonis Fassolas
3D Modeler Generalist - Artist