The Altered Hand - A Sci-Fi FPS
Updated a year ago
In development
A sci-fi exploration game featuring weapons and abilities.
I am developing this game as a portfolio piece. I do not plan on making a complete game, nor do I wish to sell it. I would, however, like to create a single 10-20 minute long level that is both fun and interesting.
My goals for the level are as follows:
  • three fire-able weapons with one melee
  • Rifle with single fire and full auto modes
  • Shotgun with multiple projectiles
  • Handgun with single fire mode
  • hand axe
  • abilities activated by your left hand
  • teleport
  • increase weapon damage
  • make an enemy float in mid-air
  • misc items
  • flashlight with charge
  • three enemy types
  • arachnid-like ground creature
  • spherical space droid that shoots lasers
  • automated security turret that shoots lasers
  • environment
  • locked doors that require key-card or hacking to unlock
  • platforming section in low-gravity room
  • arrive at space station via pod from Earth, level begins with player in pod en route to space station
  • space station AI informing player of situation that has occurred, someone or something has unleashed arachnid like creatures on the ship, and turned the AI system against friendlies
  • audio
  • eerie tunes with music ramping up in volume and intensity as combat occurs
Kent R
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