Sci-Fi Animated Doors Pack
Sci-Fi Animated Doors Pack contains 8 animated and scripted Sci-Fi doors with unique design and 2 texture PBR sets (worn, unworn) for each door, great for FPS, Third person and Top down type of games. ____________________________________ 4 different example scripts : -Automatically (2 scripts): Open and change emission color when player approaches, and close when the player moves away. You can choose emission color for open/close, there is a color picker, and also sound for open/close. This script have version where emission is not changed when door open/close. -Manually (2 scripts): These two scripts have same function like first two, but here doors are open via key press. ____________________________________ Main content : -8 optimized lowpoly door models with animation (144-834 polys per door); -4 different example scripts; -66 prefabs ready to drag and drop in your project. -2 texture sets for each door (worn, unworn condition); -Texture format TGA 2048x2048 includes: Albedo, Baked normal, AO, Emission, Metallic for each door. Standard metallic workflow. -16 materials -3 HDRI's -3 Demo scene's
CGWulf Assets
3D Artist/ GameDev