Sceneshot is a Unity Editor utility to improve the 2D level-illustration workflow. With it, you can export your Unity scenes to a PNG to trace over in an image-editing program to create the finished level artwork. Then import that finished art back into the level with Sceneshot to automatically slice it up into tiles and place them wherever you would like.
You’ve laid out the level design with Unity’s Tilemaps, Sprite Shape, or something else. It’s all blocked in, so you know where every platform is. Collisions are set up, so you’ve played through it a few times and like how it feels. But, it’s just a greybox, nothing pretty. If you don’t mind the tiled look of repeated sprites, bringing the artwork in will not be difficult.
Our project Runaway called for a different approach because we want an illustrated look where every brush stroke is intentional. Not to mention, we needed a way to give the artist a layout to work with and a tool for the programmer to then bring it back into Unity. We created Sceneshot to suit this workflow.
Burning Sky Games