Sapphire Caverns
This is a small project that I am working on with some friends with similar interests in our spare time. I am creating a third person, rogue-like, dungeon crawling game for iOS and Android platforms. The main goal of this game is to create an engaging mobile experience that is casual enough that the user may stop or start playing at any time in their day, but utilizes a unique third person controller that isn't typically present in mobile platforms. Our secondary aim of the game is to create an effective mobile third person RPG character system that the user will be comfortable playing. By combining an effective controls system and procedurally generated content, we hope to create a game that has immense replay value. We chose the lo-poly style because we are a small team and we would like to focus more on the overall experience and packing the game with fun features and do not have the time to properly create high resolution assets. In addition, the lo-poly style renders well on mobile platforms and allows the game to run smoothly on even older devices. As of now, we have a lot of work ahead of us, especially in the graphic design department (as we just recruited a graphic designer), but these screen shots should provide an accurate look at the direction the game is heading. If you're interested in keeping up with progress, please check out our blog at
Tim Barrett
Programmer - Student