Sanrio Dream Blast | Hello Kitty Toy Puzzle Blast
Sanrio Dream Blast is a puzzle game developed by Mars1982 where I contributed as Lead Unity3D developer. My main responsibilities in this project was to provide technical direction and take design an architectual decisions for the project.
"Do you want tap puzzle blast games that put you in a blast quest with missions?
Welcome to Sanrio Dream Blast, which is a toon puzzle smash game of the Hello Kitty inspired toys. 😹.
Help the cute Hello Kitties in their blast adventure by completing the goal of each level. How long can you go in this fun blast game?
Can you solve puzzles & complete all smash match 2 levels?
Get the free toy blast puzzle game now!

The goal of the game is to collect the hearts, stars, moons that the Hello Kitty characters need. However, focus to get the target items with the least moves. With splendid visuals and simple tap controls, you will enjoy every second of this puzzle blast quest.

Hundreds of levels mean hours and hours of pure smash tap puzzle fun. Each level has different missions, so show a great strategy to solve them quickly. Don’t blast the items you don’t need! When the going gets tough, use the many available boosters.

As in any blast adventure, there will be tons of hard moments. For that purpose, we created several helpful boosters that will get you out of complex situations in this toon puzzle quest. Use your coins (you get a large sum of coins when you start the game and earn as you complete the levels) to purchase the Hammer, Envil, Boxing Glove, Dice. Also, a variety of boosters such as the Bomb & Rocket appear on the screen. Be sure to tap them and benefit from their blasting power!

- new blast adventure with tons of fun levels
- each blast toy level has missions
- limited moves for each level
- simple tap controls
- variety of boosters such as Hammer (tap any item to remove it); Envil (tap any item to remove everything), Boxing Glove (tap any item to remove everything in that row), Dice (tap any cube to shuffle all of the cubes)
- captivating sound effects
- amazing Sanrio inspired visuals and cute Hello Kitty characters
- fun for all ages – great for adults or as blast smash game for kids
- cool no wifi game – play offline on the go (super-fun travel game)

Now, are you ready to enjoy a new blast game?
Solve puzzles, blast to collect hearts, moons, stars, and more!"
Julio Dutra
Unity 3D Developer Expert - Programmer