Sanctum: A Discord Interface Game
Sanctum is a Discord project me and some 50 other devs started. Got out of hand FAST, and many dropped out in just a few days, but we persevered and got something basic running. It has since been left to sit until we have more time to work on it again, but the basic idea is working if any of you want to check it out:
You play as a character among many others belonging to separate factions. After a major launch to find a new home planet, the ship crash landed on a strange, barely hospitable planet. It was obviously inhabited at one point, but is now home to a lone city with dungeons, dangerous creatures, and a mysterious robot that manages the city's dilapidated library. On this planet are awfully unique resources, but they're coveted by the other factions. Tread wisely.
Grant Scrits
Game Dev - Programmer