Sanctum 2: Road To Elysion
Published 5 months ago

Sanctum 2: Road To Elysion -

About This ContentPlay as the mysterious new character TSYGAN, a rogue insurgent that joins the Core Guardians in defending the only enclave of humanity left on the planet LOEK III. Road to Elysion features a new area to explore with four new maps, new unlockable towers, weapons and perks! This DLC is the first out of four contained in the Sanctum 2 Season Pass.Note: Road to Elysion is included in the Sanctum 2 Season Pass and is part 1/4 in a series of DLC for Sanctum 2Key Features:New Playable Character - TSYGAN, the “Rogue Insurgent”4 New Unique Maps – adding refreshing new tactics and replayability.2 Weapons - Rapid-firing Gatling Laser & TSYGANs own handheld Ballista!2 Towers - Range Spire that dramatically increases the range of nearby offensive towers and the Slow Field Dispenser letting you strengthen your choke points further!Enhanced Enemies - From new support monsters that heal and mutate the attacking horde to a brand new aerial enemy boss, players should be prepared for this heightened challenge.Additional Perks – Customize your character even more with six new perks, including a perk that gives you an in-game pet robot that will fight for you! d859598525 Title: Sanctum 2: Road to ElysionGenre: Action, Casual, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:Coffee Stain StudiosPublisher:Coffee Stain PublishingRelease Date: 26 Jun, 2013 Sanctum 2: Road To Elysion I recommend getting this DLC as part of the complete pack. Sanctum 2 would be too short without any of its DLC content to lengthen it and add depth. This add-on features a useful new character, some useful new turrets and the most FRUSTRATING battles in the entire complete pack game. This is the most frustrating of the DLCs. Be warned, kill off those mutator enemies (which make enemies much stronger if you let them live long) and healing enemies first. They will be a pain to deal with from now on. Despite the frustration which this DLC offers i still consider it an integral part of Sanctum 2 and if you like the game you should not miss this DLC.. awsome dlc and one of the worst trailers ever devised as a thing for video games that makes me question buying this. dlc is still fun though just don't watch the trailerfor the love of god do not play it it is eye♥♥♥♥♥♥. This DLC adds 2 new towers, arguably both are pretty useless, slow field dispenser works just like a mine dispenser, upgrade it enough and you can place max of 3 deployable slowfields anywhere on the map. Would be cool if there wasn't already a Kairos tower that pretty much projects a slowfield around itself, and the radius in which it does so is pretty good. There's no reason to pick it over Kairos. The second tower increases the range of other towers, for some strats it's amazing, but most of the time you won't really need it and it's gonna be useless. 4 new maps are pretty nice additions to the mix as well. A new character is okay but nothing too special and the new perks are quite good.But, this DLC introduces 2 of the most absolutely fuc*ing cheap a$$ enemies in the entire game that will make you hate this DLC pack with a fiery passion. A mutator, enemy that can mutate other lumes making them stronger/make them into bullet sponges, there's no limit to how many times it can level up a lume, they come in packs, 5 can come from 1 direction and 5 from another and they always follow other lumes, move fast and are bullet sponges. Another type of enemy is the healer, which will latch itself onto a lume and heal them, it needs to be killed fast in order to damage the lume it's attached to. Since this DLC does not introduce the Anti Air tower, an enemy like this is just a colossal mistake. Especially when you see that they can latch onto a boss as well, a couple of them at the same time. Not hard to kill, but just a nuisance that would've been better left on the cutting room floor. . Whoever thought this was a great addition to the game I hope you stub your little toe in every piece of furniture in your house, every single day. Save yourself the suffering and avoid this dlc like a plague.. LOL @their promotional video for this DLC. They definitely know how to be cringy.. Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion, great DLC. I loved that they added a new playable character. I hope to see them continue that trend if we get Sanctum 3 some day, the more playable characters the better in my opinion.
Joshua Crawford