Sanctuary Arrival - (Final)
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Sanctuary Arrival


About Me:
Greetings everyone, my name is Pedro (you can call me Peter) and I am a Game Designer who specializes in Level and Environment Design. I completed my Game Design Master's Degree in September of 2017 at Full Sail University where I worked with the Zygobot indie studio as a level designer for one of their projects for almost a year while at the same time doing other functions as a texture and 3D artist. I am by no means a expert but I strive to do my best. My knowledge comes from being self-taught and through trial and error when designing within either a game engine or when modeling from scratch. Like I said, I am by no means a expert in Level Design or Environments but I hope to be able to gain the necessary knowledge to become one.


The inspiration for this project came from both the concept art of Georgi Simeonov using the IWDD/Smokescapes - Cycle Boat Arrival as well as having watched a few sci-fi movies throughout December (Star Wars, Tron: Legacy, Mad Max, Blade Runner, etc.). For this project I envisioned a representative arrival of a enhanced human species to the last city on earth which served as a sanctuary for other species and humans alike. The entrance to the city is protected by military forces and no spacecraft is allowed to fly within it. The centerpiece of the city would be a massive building which served as the center of power for this lustrous place.

Making of Sanctuary Arrival:

For Sanctuary Arrival, I coordinated my efforts with a trial and error approach. I began with the usual blocking out process using placeholder props and Pro Builder Basic in order to get an overall idea of how everything should look. I then slowly began replacing all placeholder assets with the proper ones. I definitely got the use of most of the sci-fi assets that were free from the asset store while also making my own assets like the big tower building which also served as the wall of the city with the use of Substance Painter. I also downloaded the beta asset to link Maya with Unity so I would work out the model, see it in Unity, then send it to Substance and texture it. I enjoyed this process throughout the course of this challenge and I got to learn a very awesome workflow to use in future projects. I grabbed a few free characters from in order to use for my scene.
I jumped the gun early after I had all my props in place and decided to do the post processing stack first in order to get the look and feel of how I wanted everything to look during playback. For this I played around with each setting of the PPS in order to get the correct look. I played with Bloom a lot so as to get that neon glow effect going on. I also played with the screen space reflection intensity and the color grading. I did not touch the color wheels but played more with the curves of the settings and got the results I wanted.
As I moved on to the VFX department I fount it challenging to create the desired lighting storm, I used tutorials to get it moving but it did not work as expected. I ended up buying the THOR system in order to produce the thunderstorm I desired. I did however managed to create the Rain, Cloud and Mist VFX systems using YouTube tutorials for them made by Mirza.

Moving onto the Timeline, I felt really silly when I figured out I did not need to pre-record my animations to bring into timeline since I could do that within it instead (so many hours wasted). I took 3 days to learn all I could about timeline and my only wish is that it needs a "reverse animation" feature. Using it along with Cinemachine was a pleasant experience since I now get a understanding of how the ADAM team made their features and the untouched potential of Unity.

My only downside of this experience was that the Recorder that is a free asset within the store is unable to capture the audio for Unity 2017 & 2018. This is regrettable since I did not know this when I created my video using timeline where I had placed all the audio just as how I wanted it to work, only for it not being captured with the Recorder. This means I was forced to edit the final video within my video editing software and re-add all the audio that I had used in Timeline.
Overall it was a pleasant and exhausting experience and managed to learn a lot from it. I truly hope to be able to participate in more challenges like this one in the future. I think its a good way to keep the imagination working and to be able to polish one's skills.

Until the next Unity Challenge!

Assets, Tools, Plugins List

Throughout the project I used the following Assets from the Asset store:
  • Sci-Fi Modular Pack (Free)
  • Amanda Frost (Character)
  • Centurion Car| Free Turret
  • Speedball Player
  • Post Processing Stack
  • Cinemachine
  • Atmospheric Scattering
  • Extreme Sci-fi Lite
  • Sci-fi cruiser
  • Free Rocks pack
  • THOR Thunderstorm
  • Pro Builder Basic
  • Sci-Fi Battery Pack
  • Sci-fi Modular Environment
  • HighRes Shuttle Class Starship
  • MSFMC-Radar Dish
  • Dark Future (Music)
  • Star Sparrow
  • Free SF Fighter
  • Character assets from

Work In Progress LOGs:

Final Update 1/13/2018 - I was forced to re-edit all my audio within my video editor since Recorder does not record audio (so much time wasted there).

Final Edit In progress 1/12/2018 - Making final edits and fixes on the timeline before recording and editing the final video before submission process.
W.I.P. Day 13 - 1/10/2018 - Testing everything on the Timeline using cinemachine. Unfortunately audio did not get captured with the recorder. Will have to add the audio manually on video editing.
W.I.P Day 12 - 1/9/2018 - Final Countdown and using both Cinemachine and Timeline to make my cutscene. Hopefully will have it all ready to go before time is out!

W.I.P. Day 11 - 1/7/2017 - Final Lighting editing done and began to use Timeline after watching tutorials on how it works. Next update should have a look at the timeline itself.

W.I.P. Day 10 - 1/3/2017 - Fixed all illumination problems, base is being made and animations are being created before moving into timeline and cinemachine. I will be honest, I have no clue how it works to a degree..
W.I.P. Day 9 - Fixed the lighting a bit of the city. Working on the global illumination.

W.I.P. Day 8 - 12/25/2017 - Merry Christmas everyone! I managed to get my weather working using some YouTube tutorials. I originally downloaded the free rain system from the asset store but for some reason the particles would not work so decided to make my own and add the rain sounds from that asset. Created VFX for the clouds and improved the fog. I have set up random flashing lighting but I might end up using the Thor asset since it looks cool (as a christmas present from me to me lolz). Still more to do but I want to get the small and easy stuff out of the way 1st.
W.I.P. Day 7 - 12/23/2017 - I made progress on the turret and the entrance as well as fixed the lighting. Floating chair is now floating :)
W.I.P. Day 6 12/18/2017 - Changed things around with a new ship added, textures made for the buildings of the entrance, the tank and began to play with the lighting and effects. Also began to create the animations for the ships. Will be tweaking all the lighting (glowing) effects and tone it down more on the Bloom.
W.I.P. Day 5 - 12/16/2017 - Replaced the placeholder Adam characters with free mixamo ones that will be getting new textures. Also began to add detail to the entrance, a cannon on the base nearby base, and a tank that needs texturing. Yes the floating chair will be worked on haha.
W.I.P. Day 4 - 12/14/2017 - Opened Substance and began texturing the city. Since I am using modular components that I can repeat, all I need to do is swap materials to give it distinct look.
W.I.P. Day 3 - 12/12/2017 - Added the terrain, duplicated the buildings more and added spaceships.
W.I.P. Day 2 - 12/11/2017 - Fired up Maya and modified some assets I had to create more building structures.
W.I.P. - Day 1 - 12/10/2017 - Blockout began using probuilder, some Adam characters for reference scale and the atmospheric scattering included city block assets.

Pedro J Burgos Santana
Game Designer|| 3D Environment Artist - Artist
Game Designer|| 3D Environment Artist - Artist
Carlos Fernandez de Tejada QuemadaIt looks pretty good. I just realized that looks like you are using Adam assets (you say reference only). Remember they are not allowed in the competition. Best of luck!
Indeed, I used them for scale when making the buildings and basic blockout and where they would look when being animated. Thanks :)
Game Designer|| 3D Environment Artist - Artist
Farrukh AbdurNice start on this. Looking forward to see more on this :)
Thank you. I will try and do my best :)
Programmer, game developer - Programmer
It looks pretty good. I just realized that looks like you are using Adam assets (you say reference only). Remember they are not allowed in the competition. Best of luck!
Farrukh Abdur
a year ago
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Nice start on this. Looking forward to see more on this :)