San Francisc-Roll
Published a year ago
Windows; Mac; Linux
San Francisc-Roll is a cooperative rhythm game in which two players work together to help a man 'roll' up a steep hill in San Francisco. Each player must press their respective button when the slider moves over their colored circle in the pattern. The slider gradually increases in speed with every successful completion. Completing the pattern successfully three times increases the man's speed, but also flips the pattern. If a circle is missed or if the wrong player presses their button, the man loses any speed he's gained and the players are given a new pattern.
Participated as a Game Designer and Gameplay Programmer.
Developed by a team of 4 at the Chillennium Game Jam 2017 hosted at Texas A&M University.
Won 'Special Recognition in Art'

Eleanor Chan
Game Designer - Student
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux