[SAMSUNG GEAR VR] Early stage Industrial Machines
This is a very early screen of an app that I'm making for visualizing industrial products on Samsung GEAR VR, with an effort for optimizing everything. You can freely move and watch this machine, then on INFO you can see all the inner products. I'm quite thrilled, if you click on INFO I managed to put a component with 121 spare parts, completely movable with the Explode function in real-time, according to reflections. Everything run on GEAR VR with S7 Edge inside. Great VR visor, especially as I'm working on some other app, including a drivable machine. Of course, for this kind of application with industrial model, it's really hard to fit the model, especially the machines, but with a careful optimization work they look gorgeous with a quite affordable hardware :)
Gian Guido Ponzini
Unity3D Certified Developer / CaronteFX Xpert - Programmer