Same Lame Game
Published a year ago
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A 2D action-platformer with hilarious and sarcastic take on the illogical things taking place inside games and the world in general.
Just another SAME LAME GAME. Low budget crap. Not worthy of your time. Play at your own risk!
Silly platforming segments. Idiotic shooting gameplay. Foolish puzzles. Boring dialogues. Stupid enemies. Monotonous level design. Totally ignorable.
Jokes apart, the main idea is to make fun of all the illogical and unrealistic things that happen inside gaming worlds. Quirky humor with sarcastic dialogues with 4th wall breaking elements. It has traditional action-platform games elements, with puzzles and text narration.
With 30 levels(more to come soon), this game has everything required for high octane action. Shoot enemies of all shapes and sizes. Boss fights to keep you awake for nights. 5 different terrains, with their unique enemy types. Escape deadly traps and fight through environmental hazards to achieve your goals. Solve platform puzzles to explore and gather treasures and loots. Answer ROFL riddles to progress through levels. A fascinating mix of action and comedy to keep you busy for ages.
Laugh out loud at the hilarious characters and their stories. Learn how game characters feel living inside a game.
Kallol Bhaumik
Founder - Designer
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English, British; English
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