SAM Space
Published 7 months ago
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iOS; Android; Mac; Windows
One block a million inventions
Discover the fun of coding and STEAM in your classroom!
SAM Space allows for input and output blocks to be visualised and coded together in a simple and intuitive way. Visual, flow-based drag-and-drop coding allows students to take a their physical SAM Blocks, drop them into a virtual canvas and connect them together to create projects and follow SAM Labs lesson plans. SAM Space can also be used by students at home even if they don’t have any physical blocks.
Why use SAM Labs?
• A fun and interactive way to bring coding to life
• Curriculum-aligned lesson plans and projects
• An intuitive visual, flow-based coding app tailored for any classroom or ability level
• Easy-to-install, wireless Bluetooth SAM Blocks that are made to last
• Teacher support and training
• Versatile technology that can be used across a variety of subjects
• Design algorithms and programs, use logical reasoning and computational thinking, control and simulate physical systems
Sky Debreuil
Senior Programmer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British; Chinese; Italian
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android; Mac; Windows