Saint Peter's Neon Park
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Saint Peter's Square in Vatican is being upgraded to its full potential by top-notch fun activities

Final Video

Are you sick of confessing your sins to a priest and aching knees from praying so much? Then we have a solution just for you! Where else in the world can you get as much true hardcore religious fun as at our phenomenal Saint Peters Square in Vatican! No more praying and asking to get what you want, everything you desire is right there already, welcome to our St. Peetee's Square! Enjoy pure peace of the mind, buy purification for your soul for very good prices, get a discount on eternal redemption and get home with many adorable souvenirs, like our famous plush-toy Jesus!


Zdeněk Žirovnický - Unity Connect / Alena Bendová - Unity Connect / Dominik Urban - Unity Connect
We are three friends who met at work. All of us are artists and we like to create stuff/games/art either individually or even better as one team. This competition gave us an opportunity to meet again and put something together. Even though we were working during nights we enjoyed this collaboration and we also had a taste of new Unity features.

Inspiration and concept

Our core inspiration for the Saint Peter's Neon Park is the negative impact of excessive tourism. It can be called touristic pollution, the effect of an environment being gradually changed by trying way too hard to please its visitors. This adaption is degrading and devastating the environment by taking away its original identity and replacing it with cheap mass-produced trash.
Our team drew inspiration from our local experience - we come from the capital of the Czech Republic, the city of Prague, where some parts are under the same degrading pressure. For example some beautiful streets in the historical city centre are flooded with horrible souvenirs and scam businesses.
We deliberately chose a very memorable place - Saint Peter's Square in Vatican - to make this effect as evident as possible.

Production Process (Making of)

All three of us are 3D artists and so all the models for this project are our own created and animated originals. Unfortunatelly this comes with a down side - not a single one of us is a programmer and we don't really had much previous experience with Unity beforehand.
Using Unity, we learn about UNITY COLLAB which is the absolutelly greatest feature and we are super happy it was made because at the beginning we were struggling for a long time with working remotely as we are not sitting next to each other.
At the beginning we had a vision about the project, which Zetko put on a paper and created a concept:
After consulting this concept it was absolutelly clear that for creating such environment it will be necessary to make it alive by a population which we described vividly to ourselves. Thanks to our experinces from the touristic parts of city centre of Prague we were able to imagine the juiciest scenarios (about what those habitants like to do, what do they wear, what do they eat for snack and when etc.) before the first draft of the street people were created:
Due to the lack of time we were forced to pick only two unfortunates out of the concept:

Assets, Tools, Plugins List

From the Asset Store we downloaded (apart from the Post Processing Stack and Cinemachine) also a post-effect Sharpen, Rain Maker for the rain effect in our scene and White Smoke Particle System to get to know how to create particles and where to start when making them.
We downloaded textures from and materials for models created from a mix of textures from this website and also from in-software textures and material presets in Substance Painter. <3
In general we tried our best to stick to the tutorials and manuals (Cinemachine, Timeline, Post Process Stack) and the fact we put together something together from our models and animations is a small miracle with regard to our inexperience with Unity. :) The most useful tutorials for us were Unity 2017 - Dolly Track Cinemachine and Post Processing Stack and of course oficial video-tutorials from the series Using Cinemachine and Cinemachine, Timeline and Post Processing Stack Tutorial.

Work-in-Progress Logs

Update 10/1/2018

Even such lawless areas like Saint Peter's Neon Park have a glimpse of law and order. It's being monitored by tax collector drones to ensure everyone is paying their taxes, except for those who already bribed the police in advance.

Update 9/1/2018

A tourist destination of this sort needs to have stands selling trinkets and baubles. "The bigger moron you are the more rubbish you bring home from your holiday", says the welcome sign to the Neon Vatican.

Update 6/1/2018

Creation of market stalls.

Update 4/1/2018

This our first character in the scene. He represents a typical habitant of the Saint Peter's Neon Park, formerly a national monument which has now became a cheap and tacky amusement attraction for low standart fun seekers.
This man is a local street person, most likely having some criminal records. He is making his living on the square by selling trinkets and baubles, by pickpocketing or by beggary. He is risky, dangerous and smells bad. He is mostly trying to sell you tickets for the weird looking Fountain of holy water or sugar crucifix candy.

Fashion of the street man of Saint Peter's Neon Park:

Original design of a common habitant of the Neon Vatican consists of a stylish pair of home made shoes created by secondary use of an unrecyclable material - a plastic sack. Head is protected from rain by a hood made from a woven plastic bag. Same material is used for a wrist guard which protects his arm from an injury when dumpster diving. Mouldy tank top and sweatpants got from Salvation Army (originally in much better condition). Thanks to low-cost clothes he is able to save up money for jewellery and smartphone.
This street man is a very lowpoly model created in Cinema 4D, enabling us to densely fill the scene with this character. Quality PBR material made in Substance painter 2017 substitutes missing details in the model's mesh. Thanks to this the object gives a good impression even in close up without burdening the performance.

Update 27/12/2017

Here we have an accurate replica of a column from St.Peter's square in Vatican. The one on the left in front is the original source 3D model, the other four in the background are generated sprites. It's essentially a surface with a projected set of textures imitating volume of the model. This method is used for optimization of the game's environment, reason being a large amount of columns in the scene.
Alena Bendova
Artist - Designer
Dominik Urban
MA - Artist
3D artist - Designer
Codie Petersen
2 years ago
Indie Game Developer
NICE, I like it. I like the atmosphere and the life in the background. A lot of people forget to make their things feel alive and like a full world. Good job, REALLY good job. Love the feeling it gives off.
Alena Bendova
2 years ago
Farrukh AbdurGood luck. Overall great work :)
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Good luck. Overall great work :)
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Nice update. Interesting concept :) Speed up now and complet it.
Blair Renaud
2 years ago
CEO/ Director
lol @ "super pussy" :P