Sagacook Web Home page
Introduction page consists of XML based horizontal slide show and elements of user interaction. Home page is presented by large animated background image with clever hotpots on intro page. Images have advertisement subject area (on the screen shots below you can see temporary images). Animation of background advertisement images looks like horizontal slide show (as if images are placed in a video tape and the tape is moved to the next slide). Background image changes after time interval which can be changes as an input parameter of slide show control. Every next background image is differ from the previous and image is randomly selected from the list of images that have not been shown yet. Every next slide has different information – links, icons, coordinates. Also by timeout a pop-up window appears for each advertisement background image with slow fade in and fade out animation. The time interval can be changed as an input parameter of slide show control. Different resolutions are supported. No matter what resolution is an advertisement background image is presented with saving proportions and smoothing. Maintaining good view of home page when resizing browser. Information about slides is loaded from XML file (image URLs, links for LinkButtons, text, slogans, coordinates and etc.) Information which is static for all slides is loaded from FlashVars. Using mouse user can stop and resume sliding animation.
Kateryna Levshova
Unity Developer ★ Technical PM - Manager