Safe Not Safe - Infiltration Story
Updated 3 years ago
Just a usual infiltration story from our upcoming "rogue-lite infiltration sim"
Inspiration Inspiration for our submission is the world of the game we are developing. It's a cyber-punk world where you play as an experienced burglar on a quest for his life against one of the mega-corporations. Usually your gameplay aim is to infiltrate a huge randomly generated security base, find a specific item (most likely hidden in an alarm-rigged safe) and get out alive. We planned this "infiltration story" sequence for a long time, even before the challenge was announced, so the challenge was a great incentive to finally get into it. More details about the game on our Steam "Coming Soon" page.
Team We tackled this challenge with a small team of 2. Me as the lead developer and our artist axistm. Small help with logo and static screens design came from klibia who is not on Unity Connect. Original music is composed by Eirik Johansen and further remixed by axistm.
Process It is always hard to communicate ideas. We used the following tools: a) a lot of talking b) online XLS with short descriptions of the timeline bits and parts of the scene c) self-made comics - like this one:
Unity This challenge actually helped us to discover hidden depths within the new Unity Timeline feature. We never seriously used it before but will start doing it from now on. Cinemachine was new as well, and proved itself to be very useful, especially combined with Timemachine. We used several paid assets for camera play in the past, but this combination seem to beat all of them. The Post Processing Stack showed itself quite good - in the past we used only a combination of camera effects, but since it's producing so different results compared to the previous versions of post-processing tools it took some time to tweak the scene for desired results. Using the Asset Store for this challenge was a no-brainer, not much to comment here. Mostly because this feature is so time-proven. It saves incredible amount of time and money.
Free Assets Unity Particle Pack -!/content/73777 Rock & Boulders -!/content/2452 Space Robot Kyle -!/content/4696 Paid Assets (in no particular order): Sci-fi Design Kit -!/content/26865 Night Sky Skybox Part-1 -!/content/49080 PathMagic -!/content/47769 Customizable SciFi Holo Interface -!/content/69794 Six Modern Guns Package -!/content/23127 Final IK -!/content/14290 (used here just a tiny bit of adjusting posture, but such a great tool!) AVPro Movie Capture -!/content/2670 (at the moment Unity Recorder can't really compete with this great tool) Sci-Fi Race Bike – Streetfighter 88 -!/content/59982 (repainted for the trailer by axistm)
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BTW, our "coming soon" page is now online on Steam. Latest news and more details about the game there: