Safe Breaker
Published 3 years ago
Alt-Controller Project
Safe Breaker is a project I worked on for my specialist programming module during the second semester of first year.
We were tasked with creating a game with alternative controller. Hardware was incredibly new to me at this point so I was incredibly wary of over-complicating the game idea.
During my initial brain storm for ideas, I attempted to create a simple rhythm game where you play the drums along to a track (my old band's song nonetheless). However this came with a lot of complications in relation to syncing the track up to the notes. I decided this idea was too convoluted for the time being and moved on to something much simpler.
I settled on a safe breaking game where the player must input a combo displayed on the screen in a time limit, unlocking safe after safe in attempt to beat the high score.
My first iteration was an extremely simple interface with an Arduino board managing the controller. The components I used were a potentiometer for controller the dial rotation and a button for detecting input to open the safe.
I then improved the visuals of the game. Adding a background and creating some art elements for the safe dial and notifiers to tell the player if they entered correctly or not. Then I swapped out my potentiometer and button for a rotary encoder as this allowed me to get infinite rotation (which is much more accurate to a safe dial) and to detect the player opening the safe as it allows for a simple push button.
From here, I added some audio made by a university peer and made slight alterations to improve the player experience and accuracy of the controller.
The final product surprised even myself. To go from not having the foggiest idea about hardware to being able to create what I believe to be an enjoyable and interesting game was a great learning experience for myself and I hope to delve into similar personal projects in the future.
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