Sacred Gems
Updated 10 months ago
In development
iOS; Android
Sacred Gems is a relaxing yet engaging bullet-hell like game for mobile. Its focused on strategy and maneuverability set in a mystic astro-universe.
Imagine that you are a small concentration of energy trapped in a crystal guarded by evil energy. You break out of this crystal and manage to escape. You channel this energy into cell which you can move around. Using this new cell, you defend yourself against other enemies. And when you eliminate enemy cells, you free up their energy to channel even more cells. This will continue until you can afford new and more advanced cells that allow you to win the battle against the Source.
Inspired by the Tower Defense genre, the game allows you to build compositions of turrets that will prevent hordes of enemies. Furthermore, the game will have a more of an open world to explore - with platformer elements from classics such as Metroid and Solar Jetman.
The game will be able to scale with almost infinite variations of player builds, and parts of the maps will be generated procedurally to allow for variation and replayability. The game will be free of text and speech, but have an intuitive language based on symbols and characters playfully inspired by mysticism and theories of sacred geometry.
Developer notes Sacred Gems is still in an early stage of development. I am working on the tools necessary to build the game. As for designing levels I have tried different approaches like procedurally generated 3d-meshes. But what it comes down to is that designing levels by hand turns out best for the players experience.
Therefore I was pretty amazed by Unity’s new Sprite Shape tool. A tool that gives me instantly access to fine tuning and adjust splines which automatically covers them with sprites that I have full control over. This was just the thing I needed to create organic and dynamic fun maps and I can’t wait for the fully featured Sprite Shape Tool to come out of preview.
The game will rely on a lot of entities chasing the player using pysics and line of sight. In this case the new Entity Component System along with the Job System will make sure performance runs well on mobile.
Egil Paulsen
Designer and developer - Producer
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iOS; Android