Sabre Arcade
A simple space shooter-style game, themed off the upcoming game "Star Citizen." profile page for more details.
NOTE: All Star Citizen artwork and related content is copyright Cloud Imperium Games. This game was created for educational purposes only (see below). No donations or payments of any kind will be accepted. If you enjoyed it in the least, head over to and support the development of Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games may contact me with any questions or concerns at A space shooter (Galaga) clone created as a showcase to my students in Game Programming & Design. My students will create their own space shooter clone for their forth game project of the year. I am a proud owner of the Sabre by Aegis Dynamics and a huge fan of Star Citizen. The primary things I learned in the creation of this game include: - Triggers and Colliders, especially with regards to ensuring objects only collide with their intended targets - Layers - Basic animation - Basic particle systems Things I added: - Rotating and fading background screens on main menu - Dual-laser firing
Jason Holt
Intructional Tech Specialist - Educator